Gary's Portfolio

Gary's Portfolio

Java: Minecraft

Minecraft is a game by Markus Alexej Persson, where you roam around in a world made of blocks. It's popular for its creativity and the way it encourages creativity among its users, as well as for the various modifications (mods) many fans made for the game.

For this game I made various mods, some of which are APIs which are used in other mods. Since modding Minecraft requires the use of Java, I got a lot of experience out of it, mainly in regards to OpenGL. But aside from that, it was a good way for me to use everything I learned to build something a lot of people could find useful.

Turbo Model Thingy

Turbo Model Thingy was initially created to enable me to create more shapes for the game, instead of the regular boxes. However, as time went by, more people started requesting new features, like skeletal animations and Wavefront OBJ importing.

This was one of my first mods, and on top of that was built on code that wasn't really refined, meaning I did need to make some simple hacks just to achieve the functionalities I wanted.

Binary v2.3.7 for Minecraft v1.2.5
Source v2.3.7

Nitro Model Thingy

Nitro Model Thingy was created after Minecraft switched over from beta to full. This allowed me to make a more elegant version of Turbo Model Thingy. Its main goal was to allow people to add their own models and model importers easily, without having to change the base class files of Nitro Model Thingy.

Binary v0.4.3 for Minecraft v1.2.5
Source v0.4.3